Is Tech Really Replacing People? MDEC CEO Surina Shukri Reflects

  By Surina Shukri, CEO of MDEC Our Perspective of Education In the first installment of this blogpost, I shared information about the skills being demanded by employers and the facts that support these assertions through the data we see on trends in jobs. In this second and final part, I summarise the role and […]

Honor 9A At RM499, But Be Prepared For A Unique Sales Model

  Fancy a Honor smartphone for dirt cheap, yes the local outfit of the Chinese middle range device manufacturer will be dropping the price on Honor 9A from RM549 to RM499 a savings of RM50 but here’s the catch. Presenting a unique sales model, buyers will first have to purchase the device online, make the […]

US 5G Roadshow On ‘Clean Network’ Has Gotten China Hopping Mad

US Hates China, is it a too strong a statement? Lets have a look, first the President of United States went publicly claiming the largest telecommunication from mainland was complicit of spying and working for the Chinese government. He goes on to ban the network manufacturer from doing business in the States and instructed all […]

iPhone 12 Could Be Cheaper If 2 Things Happen

Apple is about to launch its iPhone 12 and the biggest wonder is if the price of the new device will be just as expensive or cheaper? While it is very unlikely for Tim Cook to price his devices high during the global consumer slump, the chances of the smartphone being cheaper is evident. For […]

Disney Rebranding 20th Century Fox With A Weird Title

  Disney Entertainment which bought many of Fox assets in January will be re-branding one of the most iconic intro signature movie and television viewers have been accustomed to. 20th Century Fox will no longer retain the words Century and Fox following the exercise. The change comes after Disney planned changes in naming and logo […]

What Does Lenovo and Ducati Have in Common?

Ducati is a world champion bike manufacturer, their two-wheel machines have been conquering the circuits for decades mainly due the meticulously built motorcycles. Similarly, Lenovo the global PC brand who is also re-known for their PC’s are popular for their high performance world beating machines. So when these two giants got together the ensuing result […]

How Cloud Is Transforming Businesses in Malaysia (Part 1)

As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. We have been caught off-guard by the unprecedented pandemic. However, Covid-19 can be looked at as a game changer to accelerate digital transformation of our nation. Until two months ago, the actual transformation has been rather slow for many. Now, companies are speeding up the […]

Is Malaysia Doing Enough Covid-19 Tests? Dr Noor Puts This Query To Rest

With Malaysia having curbed the spread of Covid-19 outbreak and subsequently preventing an all out epidemic like those faced by US, Brazil and India, there are some skeptics questioning our health officials on whether this is really the true picture. Lets face it, many Malaysians have always had problems with data and statistics delivered by […]

Reporter At Guan Eng Court Trial Detained For Flying A Drone

Malaysian Aviation guideline is pretty clear on UAV flying around sensitive official buildings, drones and any other remote flying objects cannot be flown in these zones before getting approval from DCA. This lesson was learnt the hard way by a reporter for a Chinese media, who had his drone confiscated  when he flew a drone […]

RM35 Million Grant Available For Your Content Ideas, Creators Here’s Your Chance

The RM35 million allocation that the government is channeling to the local digital creative content industry, via the National Economic Regeneration Plan (PENJANA), is expected to reinforce the continued growth for this sector. Called the PENJANA Dana Kandungan Digital (Digital Content Fund – PENJANA DKD), it will further expand and enhance two existing digital content programmes that the […]

China Claims Being Fair To American Tech Companies (Zuckerberg Rolls Eyes)

  While we wait Tik Tok’s departure from the States, the commentary on Donald Trumps action against the developer of the platform has not subsided. Chinese ambassador to US Cui Tiankai is dumbfounded on the allegation the President has piled on China, of it not giving the same equal opportunity to American tech firms in […]

Jaguar E-Pace Smart Settings Knows The Driver Even Before Stepping Inside

For car enthusiasts, Jaguar’s updated sporty compact SUV, the Jaguar E-PACE, is set to take the joy of driving to a new level with Jaguar’s proprietary and innovative technologies that make it a smarter and more fuel-efficient drive, providing greater comfort and driving reliability. The Jaguar E-PACE is fitted with state-of-the-art 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged Ingenium […]

Ever Heard A Minister Apologise? Communication Minister Saifuddin Just Did

Its a rarity to hear a minister apologise in Malaysia, with what can be considered a first the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah has just broken the common convention and apologised to over 200 social media visitors at an event. This came after the Minister made a startling comment in Parliament not […]

TikTok And WeChat Should Not Complain On Trumps Actions

Isn’t it ironic for Chinese technology providers like TikTok and WeChat cry foul when the US President gave them a deadline to get their apps out of America or sell them over to tech company’s in the States, because if we can recall China until today hasn’t allowed Facebook or Google to operate in their […]

MySejahtera Just Became The Fastest Growing App In Malaysia

With Covid-19 looming over our heads, the places we visit are now required to take down our details in order for the Health Ministry to trace individuals in case a positive case is detected at the spot. In order to ensure every information is accurately captured the Government introduced MySejahtera, a contact tracing app that […]

Why MySejahtera Should Be The Universal Tracing App And Rest Scrapped

The government should make MySejahtera as the only app needed for contact tracing and make it the single personal data recording tool. Currently, there are various methods for Malaysians to give their details, in Selangor there is Selangkah, outlets having their own system, and shops going traditional with pen and paper. To make things efficient […]

Grab Offers A Tempting ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Proposition

After pretty much conquering the ehailing business and making a difference in the food delivery sector, Grab under its financial services arm will soon be launching a third-party consumer loan platform in Singapore, before expanding to Malaysia and other countries. This comes as the demand for loans and financial support is seeing an uptick due […]

U Mobile Receives Top Award 3 Years In A Row

U Mobile has been named Malaysia Mobile Service Provider of the Year at the 2020 Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards and this marks the telco’s third time winning this accolade. Apart from winning the title, the telco also gained recognition in five categories under the 2020 Excellence in Customer Experience for the […]