Prime Minister Disappointed With Country’s Internet Connectivity

Malaysia has all the making on becoming a regional IT hub for many global technology giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google who have shown interest in our country said Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The prime minister said representatives of the major tech firms expressed their interest at a meeting with him recently.

“I think many have shown their interest in helping Malaysia. Recently the leaders of Microsoft, Amazon and Google met with me expressing their readiness to be involved in the process of developing Malaysia in the IT and other fields to make Malaysia a regional centre.

“But first, to make sure, does our country have the best connectivity? The main issue usually raised is lack of access. Our Internet is not efficient,”.

The pain point become extremely glaring when the country went into MCO, during the 2 month of lockdown access to internet become the lifeline of the economy and the government. But due to poor connectivity, many activities that could have been continued via digitally could not be exercised. Businesses that wanted to offer their services and products on ecommerce were hit with a road block lacking proper network in their area.

Students who were asked to study online found it difficult in their hometown with poor coverage with many falling backwards compared to their city dwelling peers. Muhyiddin, claims Malaysia has not achieved a competitive level of Internet connectivity, citing the example of a schoolgirl in Sabah who had to climb a tree to get good Internet access.

Having spent billions, Malaysia’s multiple internet and fiberisation initiative has failed to reach every corner of the country often leaving rural areas unconnected. Telco’s build infrastructure in places they know they can recoup the investment, that’s why cities and urban centres see better connection. To become a complete digital driven nation no segment of the population can be left behind, strong will is required to move the corporate giants.

To this, he said the government’s commitment to improving its Internet connectivity is there and that the time has come to step forward to expand access.

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