Q&A: Can MySejahtera Be Checked-In For Someone Else?


The short answer is yes! But there is conditions with this caveat, according to a statement issued by MAMPU and MyGOC (Government Call Center) the MySejahtera app does have features to add third party members in addition to the primary users, however this should be limited to family only.

MySejahtera has become the de-facto Covid-19 tracing app ever since the Malaysian Government made it compulsory for everyone to download and all businesses to utilise them. It was with this insistent that positive cases were able to be quickly detected and the health officials managed of quell further spreading of the deadly virus. One one hand this was a good move but there were confusion within the public who were concerned for those who were not able to use smartphones, for example young children or senior citizens. There were also case where some outlets refused entry until the QR was scanned and approval notice was shown in each an every customers mobile phones.

This confusion has now been clarified, as the app does allow multiple individuals hosted under the main account, family members like grandparents, couples, parents, children and care givers are allowed to piggy-back on the primary user. The condition is that those individual don’t have or unable to use a smartphone.

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