Drunks, Among 31 Compounds Issued For Breaking SOP In Port Dickson

Authorities issued 31 compounds over the week to visitors at the popular Port Dickson beach front who violated Standard Operating Procedure in place to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks. Ever since the RMCO was introduced, places like parks and beaches were once again allowed to be reopen from June 13, a steady increase of patrons are heading […]

Beijing Blames Individuals For Rift Between China-US; Wonder Who?

“Chinese people will not be intimidated by some U.S. politicians’ words and deeds against China and will work with people of other countries to jointly build a brighter future for humanity,” a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said recently. Rift between China and US has turned into a long cold war which only a change in leadership […]

Regional Food Network Channel AFN Offers Bahasa Content

In true fashion of celebrating unique Asian culinary and cultural experiences, the region’s leading TV and online food channel – Asian Food Network (AFN) – is launching two new websites in Bahasa Malaysia and Indonesia. Catering to a combined population of over 230 million, these websites will deliver hyper-localised content in native languages for the growing foodie […]

How Youths Will Save Malaysia’s Economy With ePenjana

For those who have downloaded the MySejahtara together with the eWallet app and collected the RM50 courtesy of the Malaysian Government, congratulations you are doing national service and a big favour to the economy. Do not for one moment feel that RM50 that you are about to spend is menial and you are not important […]

MDEC Partners Huawei In Realising Malaysia’s Digital Ambition

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in order to drive Malaysia’s position as the heart of Digital ASEAN. The initiative will kickstart with a whitepaper development by both parties and go on to develop key elements to realise Malaysia as the regional […]

Foreign Visitors Must Pay Quarantine Cost Or Have Their LTV Pass Revoked

Malaysia is not being lenient on the matter involving quarantine of foreigners coming into the country, ever since we started seeing a spike in cases especially from those travelling here. With the impending opening up of the borders and return of students and foreigners who are either employed or have spouses, the government is not […]

Dissatisfied With Your Broadband And Telco Service? MCMC Wants Your Input!

IF you feel undone by your network provider, promising excellent coverage, uninterrupted service and zero drop calls, only to experience all of these possibly in a single day, then you will have to voice it out. Giving your input en masse will have immense repercussions on how the country’s communication infrastructure progresses assures the top […]

Selangor MB Anxious With Rise In Covid-19 Cases

The Selangor Government under Pakatan Harapan is concerned with the rise in Covid-19 case in the nation and especially in their ruling state, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari who has in the past gone against PN ruled Federal Government has said to be taking preemptive measures on the pandemic. His administration is already finalising […]

After Tik Tok, India Is Looking To Ban Another 200 Apps Including PUBG

India is adding a massive list to apps it will be banning from China as reported by the local daily, the latest news comes amidst growing discontent between the two nations who are facing a military stand-off at the northern borders. Prime Minister Modi has been cuddling up to USA which is causing uneasiness in […]

Global Covid-19 Cases Surpass 16 Million, Three Country Make Up Half

No one predicted this 3 months back, the global  COVID-19 cases have surpassed 16 million accelerating over the 2 months period as countries infected continued to see a surge in new cases.Johns Hopkins University recorded total count to be 16,048,100 with 644,537 deaths based on the latest data however with the coronavirus engulfing 90% of […]

Indonesian Mayor Punishes Teens With Push-Ups For Not Wearing Masks

Here’s a way to remind those negligent when it comes to wearing masks in public, get them to do physical exercise, so the body remembers. Surabaya Mayor in Indonesia, punished tens of teenagers by asking them to do push-ups because they did not wear face masks while being out in the open and in public […]

Prasarana Ready For SOP If MCO Is Tightened, Clearly A Hint

Public train system operator Prasarana is ready to amp the SOP if required by the government in view of the ongoing discussion that a tighter MCO is in the offing. Speaking to reporters at an event in Penang, Chairman Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman stated he has no problem in reverting to stricter SOP as before […]

Kim Jong-Un Places State Under Emergency After 1 Covid-19 Case Is Detected

Talk about paranoia, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has declared a state of emergency in what seems to be a potential Covid-19 case after a the border city reported a suspected individual had crossed over the DMZ. In an official announcement the reclusive nation had the leader say “there happened a critical situation […]

China Cant Contain The Virus, Another 46 Cases Emerge

No country can officially declare that it has won the war on coronovirus, until a vaccine is discovered the virus will still be in the community and can emerge anytime, anywhere. China which first encountered the invisible enemy in November 2019, managed to eradicate the spread after invoking stiff measures on its people in late […]

Sarawak Declared Red Zone, And The Next State Will Be….?

This was coming for the State of Sarawak, with the rise in new Covid-19 cases and increasing number of cluster, the East Malaysian state is now classified as Red Zone. Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has issued inteuction to place Kuching under the highest risk catregory and ordered the hospital there to be […]

Well Done Malaysia, Tighter MCO Is Coming And Raya Haji Will Be Affected

  Malaysians seem to have very short memory, remember the days of road blocks, no-dine in options and being stuck at home? With the continuous surge in new Covid-19 cases, the government will be re-introducing stricter measures under RMCO back. In a briefing today, the Senior Security Minister has confirmed that the government will be […]

BMW Malaysia Attracts Rich Youths With The M135i Sports Compact

BMW Malaysia today introduced the All-New BMW M135i xDrive – or widely regarded as The 1. The 1 is the sporting flagship of the third generation BMW 1 Series line-up, a successful premium hatchback in the ever-growing BMW portfolio. “We are privileged to share with you the latest portfolio of premium compact vehicles from BMW […]

YouTuber Abuse Linked To Jealousy Over Awards

In the latest update on the popular YouTuber S. Pavithra who was physically abused by her husband M. Sugu, the victim has decided not to accept any more awards due to misunderstanding in the family. According to S, Pavithra, who has retracted her police report over her husband claimed that the who incident took place […]

Infamous Bangladeshi On Al Jazeera Video Arrested, Banned From Malaysia Forever!

Infamous Bangladeshi, Md Rayhan Kabir who became the most sought after individual in the country after appearing on a short documentary produced by Qatar based Al Jazeera news station has been apprehended. After months of hunting, the Police had finally able to locate the mans whereabouts, he will be now handed over to the Immigration […]

YouTuber’s Husband Staring At 10 Year Jail Sentence, But There’s a Twist

The husband of overnight YouTube sensation Pavithri, who cooked her way to stardom has been in police custody for abusing his wife, the case has since escalated a notch when police found him to be carrying dangerous weapon in his vehicle. Under Malaysian law possession of any weapons in public is a crime, according to […]