China Robbed Of TikTok By Bully Who Takes Lunch Money

What popular video-sharing app TikTok has undergone over recent months has provided the world with a textbook example of the United States’ modern-day piracy and tech bullying. Just like a bully who steals lunch money at school, what has happened to China is no different. Washington first threatened to shut down TikTok’s operations in the […]

Early Exposure To Gadgets Linked To ADHD In Children

As a large portion of our lives move to cyberspace, we have to examine and act on how these technological ‘revolutions’ and digital ‘transformations’ affect the minds of our young ones. Most obvious and most concerningly, widely accessible gadgets are being misused by parents to keep children entertained from a very young age. With fast-paced […]

TikTok Axed, Influencers Say Goodbye

T As of 20 September users of popular social media app Tik Tok will no longer receive any updates or functions over Google App or Apple Appstore in the US. The ban comes into affect after President Donald Trump classified China base TikTok and WeChat as spying apps launched to steal American citizens data. The […]

TM Under Investigation Over Reduced Unifi Speeds, Customers Feel Cheated

Malaysia’s largest telecommunication service provider is again under the spotlight over alleged broadband throttling provided by its Unifi division. TM is currently under investigation by MCMC over reports in social media and complaints by users on its  Unifi offerings, where users were offered with 200 Mbps upload for the 500 Mbps but later was changed […]

Rise Of eSports In Campus, UiTM Steps Up Its Game

There were times when students in the campus would hide behind bushes or sit long hours in the toilet to play their favourite hand held console games, these were days when electronic games were frowned up and met with glaring eyes. Things have changed over the years when activities of such become elevated to sports […]

Black Panther Star, Chadwick Boseman Passes Away

Lead actor in an all black cast Marvel Comic Universe Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman has passed away after battling colon cancer for 4 years. The rising star was just 43. Boseman is a rare commodity in Hollywood which struggles to portray black actors in leading roles, he won accolades in the Oscar winning 12 Years […]

MCO Boosted Unifi Growth For TM

There can be no better use of the adage ‘every silver lining’ than that for Telekom Malaysia, while the economy did grind to a halt during the Movement Control Order Unifi fixed broadband saw an uptake during this period. MCO hit hard on everyone lives, the precautionary policy implemented by the government was necessary to […]

Social Media Networks Are Not Above The Law

Enjoying decades of free reign on the world wide web, social media networks are increasingly finding themselves on the opposite side of the law when it comes to the contents posted on their sites. Playing ignorant and hiding behind ‘freedom of speech’ statements is no longer acceptable, platforms like Facebook is being used by radical […]

All New AI Powered Jaguar XE Purrs In At Below RM400k

The Jaguar brand is synonymous with luxury, style and performance, the British marque has established itself as the ultimate performer in the top end premium segment leaving the likes of BMW and Mercedes Benz aspiring to be like just like the cat. Having launched the E-Pace just a month back, Sime Darby is now introducing […]

Q&A: Can MySejahtera Be Checked-In For Someone Else?

  The short answer is yes! But there is conditions with this caveat, according to a statement issued by MAMPU and MyGOC (Government Call Center) the MySejahtera app does have features to add third party members in addition to the primary users, however this should be limited to family only. MySejahtera has become the de-facto […]

TikTok Owner ByteDance Will Keep US Staffs Even If Shutdown

ByteDance, owner of the popular video platform TikTok, announced that it will keep all its US staffs under payroll even if app is shutdown. The most contentious app in recent days between US and China has officially filed a lawsuit against the American government claiming for unfair treatment and coerced.  “Over the past year, we have […]

Malaysia’s Potential Unicorn Aerodyne, Seeks To Conquer Canadian Skies

Malaysian based drone company, Aerodyne with its American regional headquarters Aerodyne Measure has entered into a joint venture agreement with The Sky Guys, Canada’s top drone operator for inspections, surveying, and mapping. With this agreement, the DT3 (Drone Tech, Data Tech and Digital Transformation) company, Aerodyne Group, will extend its portfolio of AI-driven enterprise drone solutions […]

Don’t Blink, Apple Is Now A 2 Trillion Dollar Company!

You read right! Apple has just hit a whole new mind blowing market capitalisation of 2 trillion U.S. dollars, becoming the first first publicly traded U.S. company to reach the milestone. Amidst the deadliest pandemic with over 23 million infected and 784, 000 deaths, technology companies like Apple have been weathering the storm remarkably well […]

More Good News, Minister Proposes Free Covid-19 Vaccine For Everyone!

  Subject to Cabinet approval, Minister in Science, Technology and Innovation MOSTI, Datuk Khairy Jamaluddin will be proposing to make the Covid-19 vaccine free for all Malaysians once its made available. With most vaccines already past clinical trial and are being deployed for live testing on humans, Malaysia is gearing up to receive new batches […]

Taiwan Bought F-16 Fighter Jets Like They Were Boba Tea, China Is Shook!

Taiwan is stoking big brother China’s anger with the purchase of not one or two but sixty six F-16 fighter jets in what many are regarding as the largest arms purchase by the island nation. Known for its friendly people, high tech products and lately the biggest export being Boba Tea, Taiwan despite being an […]

US Latest Strike Could End Huawei And All Its Business

Huawei is getting hammered on a daily basis as it seems, just two days back the license extension to use Google’s Android service expired and will not be renewed, now the US Commerce Department is issuing fresh sanction that could possibly bring an end to the company’s existence. The latest sanction according to news reports […]

Bad News for Huawei Phone Owners, Its About Android

For those who have been using their Huawei P30 Pro or any other devices from the Chinese manufacturer we’re afraid there’s some bad news. The future is looking very bleak if you have depended on any of Google’s suite of services on your device. Apparently the 1 year temporary license awarded by US Commerce Department […]

Chinese Smartphone Dominance Shaken With Massive 35% Drop

Industrial output report from China is coming out strong with nearly all sectors back up running 100%, the economy is back on the run and its war against Covid-19 is far and settled. But this victory does not reflect the real picture on the ground as many companies start reporting their export numbers. Just like […]

D614g Super Virus Discovered in Malaysia, 10 Times More Infectious

Health officials working on the Covid 19 clusters from Kedah and Johor that had uncanny characteristics of spreading much faster than before, have discovered the dangerous mutated coronavirus among the patients. The mutation known as the D614g is known to be more aggressive than what the country has been facing the past 5 months, Health […]

Prime Minister Disappointed With Country’s Internet Connectivity

Malaysia has all the making on becoming a regional IT hub for many global technology giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google who have shown interest in our country said Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. The prime minister said representatives of the major tech firms expressed their interest at a meeting with him recently. “I think many […]