Roborock Q7 Max Review: Ultimate Mop And Vacuum Combo

When it comes to house chores one of the most time-consuming portions is the vacuuming/sweeping and if you have young children the OCD in you comes out leaving you mopping the floor every 30 minutes. With foreign maids or helpers now near impossible to attain, how can Malaysians overcome this challenge and yet be able to free up their personal time from doing menial activities and have more time to focus on their family?

Thankfully technology has taken over and had come in like a handsome saviour in a white horse or in the case a rounded white disc called Roborock Q7 Max. Robot vacuums have taken over the house floors doing the tidying up while you could just go about without even supervising the mechanical sweeper.

Since you’re convinced that these little helpers are ideal for your abode, choosing one can be another chore that could leave one rather perplexed. There is a multitude of varieties ranging from a myriad of features, questions that you need to ask is how smart is it? Does it clean carpets and rugs, will it last, how about water spills?

In our review of the Roborock Q7 Max, tries to answer all these questions and test its key selling points.

We took the Q7 Max and tested the device in a real home setting, a small cosy apartment belonging to one of our team members, The place is roughly 650 sq feet with single-tier flooring, furniture and 2 cats.

With that out of the way let’s start!

Design and Set Up

Before starting the equipment, the first step is to set up. Setting up for the Q7 Max was pretty simple, all we had to do was download the apps and connected to the Wi-Fi network, and everything can be controlled from within the app.

Out of the box, from a design element, the clean white compact design gives the Q7 Max easy adaptability to the rooms surrounding. Place it in any corner and the Q7 Max instantly blends in, this is important if you’re like our colleague who is quite particular on her house décor.  The low bearing dimension also plays a crucial part, this means the device can move swiftly below furniture and sofas to do its duty.

Unlike other robot vacuums in the market, the Q7 Max combines a larger capacity dustbin and water tank which reduces the number of times you need to clean the tanks. A plus point in our books for sure.

Smart 3D Mapping 

With the small apartment where we tested the Roborock vacuum, mapping the whole area was a cinch. The 3D mapping system is quite robust and was able to scan the whole room including furniture without any glitches. If you move your furniture or add new décor items, the system allows users to add them and even new flooring covers.

You can also manually set up No-Go Zones to define an area that the robot is not allowed to perhaps bathrooms or baby room. Roborock’s PreciSense LiDAR system is the brains behind the system giving the Q7 Max its precise navigational prowess and functioning efficiently in every nook and corner of the area.

So now comes the real function of this machine, does the vacuum do its job? With a maximum suction power of 4200 PA no dirt or dust can escape the Q7 Max, press the button and let the tech-pet do its magic. Its ability to remove dry debris which we scattered throughout the floor was removed without the need to run over the area twice,

Switch to the Carpet Boost option and the Q7 Max will automatically detect carpets and turn suction power to the maximum for a deeper clean. Fitted with the durable Grime Removal function, which is basically a long-lasting all-rubber brush, this will agitate carpets to release dirt and flicks the dust into the vacuum stream and sucks them in instantaneously. Long-haired person living in the house and cat furs are all sucked into the robot without tangle issues as well.

After keeping it running for about 30 minutes, the Q7 Max managed to clean half the apartment and still had 70% of charge left, the large 5200mAh Li-ion powerhouse has published the manual to last up to 3 hours on a single charge.

Having both vacuuming and mopping functions makes the Q7 Max unique in its class, this twin power trains will ensure the floor is clean of debris and germs if you add some sanitising liquid into the tank

The electronic pump in its mop allows 30 different water flow levels giving us the ability to fine-tune the cleaning stage to match the floor types. Its 350ml water tank gives the Q7 Max a mopping capability of up to 240 sq metre range.


Mopping and vacuuming is a good combination for many users, and for this reason, we find Roborock’s Q7 Max an ally for any household. While there are myriads of robot vacuums in the market, the Q7 Max trumps in affordability, cleaning power, ease of use and mapping custimisation

Final words: Q7 Max A House owner’s Best Friend.



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