You May Have Had A Good 2019, But Proton Had A Great 2019; Local Car Maker Records Highest Sales Since 2015

This is obviously a joke

2019 was a bad year for some, a good year for others, and a great year for Proton. The local car maker, who lets face it, has been in the shadow of Perodua ever since the introduction of the Myvi, managed to sell over 100,000 cars last year. This is the first time since 2015 that Proton has managed to do this and to top it off, they also penciled in a 112% YOY growth for the month of December 2019 as compared to the same month in 2018. Pretty stellar, huh?

The exact number of units sold last year is 100,821 and this covers both domestic and export markets. To no ones surprise, driving the growth in sales is the hugely popular Proton X70, a model that is apparently so good that you wouldn’t actually believe it’s a Proton. As such, the car set the record for the fastest selling premium SUV in Malaysia, which is no small feat. With a total of 26,331 units sold, the car actually leads the segment for the entire year.

Complementing these numbers are the evergreen (and affordable) Proton Saga, which had a revamp last August to tremendous reception, contributing with a total of 38,144 units sold and the Proton Persona, which also had a revamp recently with a very healthy 21,876 units sold. Of course Proton’s other models such as the Iriz and Exora contributed as well, with all these models closing the year by being the best selling models in it’s respective classes.

Proton’s 2018 numbers actually marks a 55.7% increase over 2018 and the company has even displayed the highest sales growth in 2019 among the top 5 car brands in Malaysia. You got to hand it to Proton, the company launched a total of four updated models last year and are obviously reaping the benefits of that.

Here’s to an even better 2020 for our national carmaker.



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