You Can Now Spend Like An MP With Malaysiakini’s New Browser Game

Politics can get very complicated and messy. We all can agree on that. But we’re not gonna talk too much on politics so let’s talk about gaming, shall we?

So there’s lots of games out there where spending the money is the objective. That’s like the dream for most people. Oh to one day spend without looking at the price tag.

Well if you ever want what it’s like to spend money like rich people or politicians (or at least that’s how we think that politicians have that kind of money) then you can do all that with this new online game.

Spend Like an MP is a very short and simple browser game made by a Malaysiakini employee, Lee Leong Hui. Bold, I have to say. I know I wouldn’t actually publicly release a game like that. Don’t have the courage.

So how the game works is pretty simple and straightforward. You start by choosing to play as either a government or opposition politician.Based on this choice, you will be allocated funds, but the overall scenario will otherwise be exactly the same.

You’ll have the chance to learn more about why the situation is the way it is for each scenario. Your goal is to make all the “right choices and spend the right amount of cash to get reelected.

Though in Spend Like an MP, if you play as a government MP, it’s almost impossible not to get reelected. There’s only one way to win as an opposition MP and that is you’re going to have to spend lavishly until the last scenario, where you’re still not going to have enough to do anything.

Spend Like an MP was made after interviewing a number of elected MPs from both sides of the political divide, says Malaysiakini. While short, it’s educational enough that clicking on every “learn more” label you see is worth a couple of minutes. As a government MP, you can even try to fail if you have the time to spare.

If you guys wanna try the game for yourself, you can click here. 

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