You Can Now Batista Bomb The Swarm Into Oblivion In Gears 5

Older brothers around the world rejoice as you’ll soon be able to Batista Bomb the f*** out of those nasty alien dudes in Gears 5. Yeah, that’s freaking right, the move your older brother would “try” on you because it looked cool on WWE.

Difference is, these dudes blast apart into chunky alien flesh. Am I the only one who thinks this is equal parts ridiculous, equal part AWESOME??

Arguably the best ever Heavyweight Champion (I assume, I haven’t watched wrestling in a while) Batista, has been in the Gears 5 cast for while now. You’ll soon be able to pull off the iconic finisher as a multiplayer execution. Check out the trailer to see the gruesome results.

To unlock the Batista Bomb, play Gears 5 between now and April 18, and you’ll be able to take the most powerful powerbomb in the world, into outer space.

Okay, I haven’t played the game in a while alright.

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