Will Donald Trump Get The Coronavirus? High Ranking National Security Advisor Latest To Test Positive

Can’t run for reelection if you’re dead

In spite of him insisting that America is on top of the coronavirus for months now, it seems that Donald Trump has finally acknowledged the futility of his lack of object permanence. From talking down on face masks to saying that it’s “patriotic” to wear one (because nothing gives Americans more of a hard on than being a patriot, right?), his change of tone may just have come a little too late.

You see, in spite of him advocating for the use of masks, Trump himself is rarely ever seen wearing a mask. That’s worrying for two reasons. One being the message that he’s subconsciously sending to the millions of Americans across the country who see him pulling up at events almost bare faced (the spray tan counts ok). 

The other reason is because I am worried for his health. Yes, I may not agree or even approve of Trump being president of the US or even president of a sandbox at the playground but I wouldn’t wish death or suffering upon anyone. The presidents disregard for his own health is worrying, especially since more and more members of his administration are testing positive for the virus.

It turns out that the presidents national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, has tested positive for Covid-19. Yup, the virus seems to be making its way closer to the president. This marks the highest ranking Trump official to test positive for the virus, with a White House cafeteria employee, Trump’s son’s girlfriend, multiple Secret Service agents, campaign staffers, Mike Pence’s communications aide and one of the presidents personal valets being the others who have contracted the virus.

While it remains unclear when the last time O’Brien met up with Trump, they were seen together as recently July 10th. As you’d expect, neither Trump nor O’Brien were wearing masks. It is said that his symptoms are mild and that he is currently “self-isolating and working from a secure location off site.”

The sad part is that according to CNN, a number of National Security Council staffers were not even informed and had only learned about O’Brien’s diagnosis via media reports. Of course, a statement released by the White House assured everyone that there is “no risk of exposure to the President or the Vice President,” but the question is for how long?

O’Brien was recently in Europe where he met up with officials from numerous countries including the UK, France, Germany and Italy and according to the pictures from that trip, social distancing and wearing a mask was not on O’Brien’s agenda.

How long can Donald Trump continue to encourage not wearing a mask before he himself contracts the virus? With how swiftly it’s spreading among his administration, it seems almost inevitable. Here’s to hoping he swallows his ego and takes a page out of the social distancing guidelines.

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