While The World Reels Over The Pandemic, China Realises Its 5G Dreams


Nearly every country effected by the Covid-19 pandemic is not out of the woods, even Malaysia which had things seemingly under control a fortnight ago is facing another wave of infection thanks to the Sabah election. This is the nature of the virus and the new reality many citizens are coming to grips (or not) with but China where the coronavirus first emerged is not on the list, the nation is truly out of the woods and has been keeping things under control for more than 4 months. In the country is back on track with its economy and is moving forward on its technology ambition leading in global 5G initiatives.

This was cemented when China recorded its largest 5G handset sales in the world contributing 72 percent overall units sold according a report from market research firm Counterpoint. Main factor was Huawei, the US blacklisted phone maker refocused its domestic market and pushed for quicker adoption, the result saw a 20 percent second quarter for overall global revenue share. A bulk of the sales coming from 5G phones and from its subsidiary brand Honor.

The report also stated that it was the first time that Huawei surpassed Samsung both in terms of shipments as well as revenue. Huawei has been hard hit by sanctions imposed by US and the restriction on technology developed, however its equipment sales on 5G continues to push ahead. Nations are unperturbed by Donald Trumps threats and continue to invest in the next generation cellular technology provided by the Chinese company. Over in China, the implementation of 5G is way ahead rest of the world and shows how the technology can be adopted in everyday life.



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