What Among Us Would Look Like With More Realistic Graphics

Are you guys still playing Among Us? It’s still one of the most popular games of 2020. I still have it on my phone though I don’t play is as often since Genshin Impact (I’m sorry) but I still do and it’s still pretty fun to play with friends. Especially if your circle is chaotic.

So anyways, since Among Us became extremely popular this year, people started becoming creative. There’s a lot of people out there started making their own fan art, comics, and even halloween decorations based on the game. Animators are no different.

A few have hopped on the trend of making 3D animations of the Among Us game. Last month, Malaysian YouTuber Afiq Aiman a.k.a. AAC Dream went viral for his animations and he’s still making a few more of them. They’re very fun to watch.

Now another YouTuber is going viral for their recreation of the game. Fat Dino not only re-created the game in terms of animation but the game programming itself. The independent game creator posted a video showing how he recreated the popular Among Us games with more realistic graphics. He used graphics from Unreal Engine 4—a AAA game engine developed by Epic Games can be downloaded for free.

I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed. In the video, you can see how he designed the characters as well as the Among Us game’s most popular map, The Skeld but due to the time constraints, he couldn’t finish all of the map so he did half which is fine cause it’s still pretty cool.

His version of the game definitely looks more like a horror game and I love it too. The atmosphere gives it a more uneasy feeling that you could be attacked at any moment. It reminds me a little bit of the Aliens games. What I love most about his version is that it’s in a first person POV which makes it even more scarier.

What do you guys think of Fat Dino’s re-creation of the game? I feel like he should collaborate with the game developers to make this a real thing. I would definitely play it.

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