Want to Get the New iPhone? Not with Zerolution

Maxis has ceased its iPhone Zerolution offer. While you still can get the iPhone 8 with a Maxis ONEplan, new customers won’t  be able to do it under the Zerolution plan anymore.

According to Maxis’s page, the notice reads:

“The Zerolution for iPhone promotional offer has ended. However, customers who have Zerolution for iPhone with Annual Upgrade may still upgrade their iPhone after 12 monthly installments. New customers can opt for normal contracts instead. Please visit your nearest Maxis Centre to find out more.”

According to our comprehension, it seems that existing customers on Zerolution for iPhone with Annual Upgrade can still opt for the newest handset when you have completed your 12 month tenure. For new customers however it seems that your only option will be to get a standard contract.

The Maxis Zerolution program allows customers to own a new smartphone with easy monthly instalments and RM0 upfront. Customers would also be able to swap phones every 12 months for an extra monthly fee. The promotion for Huawei, Samsung and Oppo is still available on Zerolution.


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