vivo Disclosed Picture of the Year and Winning Creations in vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020

vivo has unveiled the Picture of The Year and named winning creations in the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020 with worldwide participation. The success of the awards is a part of vivo’s VISION+ initiatives to demonstrate vivo’s commitment to mobile photography technology and visual aesthetic exploration.

vivo made partnership with National Geographic for the award emphasising on exceptional imaging and optics that capture the essence of individual emotions and humanistic culture. Creators are welcomed to discover, capture and communicate through their smartphone cameras.

vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020 got more than 135,000 entries from nine countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, Vietnam and etc. A total of 37 exceptional creations were ultimately selected by a panel of judges composed of the world’s top photographers and imaging experts including Steve McCurry and Michael Halsband which reflect human stories and landscapes around the world in 2020.

Photo creators from diverse backgrounds interpret their meaning of joy through various ways. Under 6 categories of the awards namely Portrait, Night, Landscape, Motion, Memories, and Story, the awards are also including “Picture of the Year”, “Category Winners”, “Honorable Mention” and “Category Finalists”.

vivo crowned Zhang Yu’s creation, “Daily Life of Four “Big Mouth Monsters”, as the Picture of the Year in the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020. In the photo, Zhang implied that kids call the gesture as seen in the photo, where one’s hand is tucked into an outstretched shirt collar as a “Big Mouth Monster”.

Camping Night with Beloved Friends by Rifqi Moch Lutpi from Indonesia, was awarded with the “Honorable Mention” award. It displays three beloved friends chatting beside a burning bonfire in a dark night implying we should cherish every moment we have in life.

Other winning submissions are Opera Watch by Chen Lei from China, Steelwood with Bridge by Pyae Phyo Aung from Myanmar, Balinese Woman by Arief Satria from Indonesia and Replicate by Lin Haibo from China.

With their tool of self-expression and creativity, vivo wishes that more people can redirect their focus on the warmer details in real life. vivo also will pursue collaborating with creators to enable more humanized professional photography that meet the needs of users, and fulfill its cultural responsibility as a brand with 380 million users.


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