US To Re-Open Economy On May 1st As White House Unveils ‘Opening Up America Again’ Guidelines

Governors To Call Their Own Shots

It’s no secret that US president Donald Trump has been pushing to get Americans back to life as usual. After weeks of toying with the possibility of reopening the economy and going back and forth with health experts, the president has just revealed new guidelines aimed at helping states loosen its social distancing measures.

Aptly titled “Opening Up American Again”, the 18 page document basically provides guidelines for states on how they can loosen social distancing restrictions. The document reads that states which show a downward trend in COVID-19 cases will be able to reopen their restaurants, bars, theaters, workplaces, sporting centers and gyms as soon as May 1.

In a conference call with state governors, president Trump reportedly said “you’re gonna call your shots,” ultimately leaving the decisions up to the respective governor in each state.

According to the New York post, Trump said “Bottom line, if you’re ready and you have those beautiful, low numbers like some of you have, let’s get going, let’s open up your state,” Trump also praised governors for their hard work and said that the guidelines were a recommendation.

The guidelines, which are divided into three phases, indicate that states will be required to demonstrate a downward trajectory of Covid-19 cases over a 14 day period, as well as a “robust” testing system for health care workers before they can proceed to a phased opening.

The announcement of the non mandatory nature of these guidelines comes after many state governors have already extended social distancing restrictions well into May or have already formed regional collectives with other states to plan their own reopening strategy.

While the reason for the opt in nature of these guidelines is probably the fact that Trump is powerless to get governors to follow his orders in the first place, it’s nice that he’s providing a framework for the reopening instead of trying to push his agenda even further.

With the federal government asking states to take more responsibility for testing, screening and securing an independent supply of personal protective equipment, it looks like States had no choice but to call their own shots to begin with.

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