US President Uses Unsecured iPhone

The current US President Donald Trump is reportedly using an unsecured iPhone and foreign intelligence agencies are listening in on his phone calls. White House aides have repeatedly warned the President not to use his personal mobile phone and use the landlines instead. Despite that, Trump has repeatedly been seen using his iPhone, but only because he has his contacts on it.

The US President’s conversations are of particular interest to the Russians and Chinese.  Since the Russians enjoy a special relationship between President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, that leaves the Chinese, with whom the US President has been engaged in a fierce trade war. With such a wide opening, the White House is hoping that the President does not discuss critical information relating to the Chinese trade war.

Previous leaders, like former US President Barack Obama, held secured phones from the NSA. These phones would not have any microphones, and hence could not be tapped into. The modified phone would also have messaging disabled, so texting was not possible.

Last year in March, Donald Trump changed his unsecured Android phone, model unknown, for a bog-standard iPhone. The standard iPhone is one of three that he carries with him, one of them a fully secured phone from the NSA. That one personal iPhone is still a worry for the White House.

The good news for the White House, is that Trump doesn’t even use text or email, which reduces the potential weak spots in US national security. We do know however, that the President does tweet a lot.

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