U Mobile New Hero 99 Postpaid Plan With Unlimited Data

Democratising mobile data plans has been long associated with U Mobile, since breaking into the telecommunication space, the telco has been changing the unofficial rule set by the industry with disruptive prepaid and postpaid plans.

Leaving other operators scratching their heads, U Mobile has introduced a new Hero postpaid plan giving customers unlimited high speed data for RM99. In comparison similar plans offered by Celcom and Maxis at RM98 have capped data of 20+20 and 10+10 GB respectively, the Singtel owned network provider has gone generous with unlimited GB instead. The Hero 99 plan included unlimited calls, 30 GB for hotspot and 3GB for roaming, all of which not completely provided by the other telco’s. For those can’t get enough of data, this will be ideal as the worry of throttle down or finishing data will never occur.

Having spearheaded the unlimited offers, U Mobile continue to trail blaze and upset the competition, but with its nascent network and newly acquired spectrum the telco is capable of handling the traffic and what better way than to give them away. With lowly priced new plan, consumers could even consider wireless to fix fibre being offered by Unifi.

By far, U Mobile does have the better priced plan and it is now over to the others to change their methodology. Despite coverage issues, we have to hand it to them for changing the landscape and fundamentally giving consumers something to think about before subscribing to an operator.

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