Twitter All Set To Add New Feature To Help You Keep Track Of Your Tweet Quote Count; Finally!

Twitter has evolved a lot since the days of its 140 character cap limit and dated user interface. It’s this ever present evolution that keeps social media platforms relevant. Facebook and Instagram have gone through numerous updates and Twitter is no different.

Earlier this year, Twitter for iOS introduced a section for all your retweets that have comments, making it easier to keep track of what people have been saying about your tweets. In case you’ve never used Twitter, a retweet is when someone shares your tweet with their followers, and this can either be done as is or with their own input attached.

Twitter is now taking this even further, with the social media platform confirming to The Verge that it’s working on something that will place the aforementioned retweets with comments counter directly on tweets, and they’ve even come up with a much better name for it too. Rather than “Retweets with Comments”, it will now be called Quotes.

So every time you get a retweet in the near future, it’ll be simple to see if people are adding their own two cents to your thoughts, arguing your point or simply just passing the message along. Of course, this is all part of Twitter’s plan to improve conversations on the platform and the upcoming feature is a great way to help you keep track of your tweets and know when your words are being taken out of context.

One of the most infuriating things about Twitter is how difficult it is to keep track of your retweeted tweets, especially what people are saying about them so this is definitely a more than welcome addition. As you’d expect, the company didn’t give any dates on when the feature will go live, but surely it can’t be long now, can it?



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