Turn Boring Old PDFs Into an Immersive VR Experience

PDFs. The bane of many workers’ existence. From annual reports to brochures to proposals to whitepapers to technical documentation and even resumes – you name it, someone would have made a PDF with text and pictures laid out, perhaps with links and chapters to make things clear.

How about a more immersive experience where you can pick an object an read more, or look at a 360 degree model, perhaps links that brings you physically through the document instead of just scrolling?

That’s the idea behind Adobe’s PDF-to-VR prototype, leveraging a consumer VR device and 360-degree content, proposing a transformation in how people can interact with content, changing the traditional reading experience of scrolling linearly.

Developed by Adobe Research summer intern Laurel Warrell and her mentor, Adobe Research principal scientist Walter Chang, this PDF in VR prototype leverages a consumer VR device and 360-degree content, transforming how people can interact with content. The experience is unique to users, as it unlocks layers of information and allows you to read annotations as you discover them.

It could prove to be useful for teaching and learning, presentations; and in particular, industries like real estate and travel can benefit from technology like this. Inviting potential buyers to have a look at the property, of helping clients explore vacation spots. It could also be used to capture moments and events – such as graduation or a party, and adding annotations to share with families and friends.


While this is just a prototype, it does show the potential of combining VR capabilities with text, creating new ways of presenting otherwise monotonous information.

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