Top Changes At TM Appoints New CEO For Webe

The top seat at webe has yet to be warmed by Azizi Hadi after being appointed by Tan Sri Zam late last year after replacing CC Puan but already new CEO Dato Sri Shazalli Ramly is placing a new guard at the mobile network arm of TM.

Having just officially being on duty for 8 days, Shazalli has made a slew of appointments in both TM and its subsidiaries starting with Webe. Among the appointees is Moharmustaqeem Mohammed or Mohar currently leading the Mass Market Marketing Operations  will now head webe, he was tasked in TM to ensure marketing targets and correlating success parameters for Mass Market segments before moving over. Prior to joining TM, he served at Digi since September 2003, rising to the ranks of head of market and operations & commercial partnership in 2011.  A lawyer by profession, Mohar has been with TM since 2013 and he’s appointment to Webe would be a strategic move with his background at Digi in both prepaid and postpaid segment will be of use.

TM is banking on Webe to steer the company towards a convergence player providing customers a complete solution unlike any other. The weight will be heavy but the question is can Mohar lift?

Azizi Hadi moves back to TM to oversee Managed Accounts as Executive Vice President. Shazalli has also replaced the group CFO for TM and appointed a new CEO for VADS.

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