Tips for Creating the Most Engaging Social Media by Amber Torrealba

Creating content on social media couldn’t sound any more exciting. But the fuss is not about coming up with content, but the editing.

It takes skills and high commitment to engage in such a complicated process yet brings excitement once the product is done. Amber Torrealba, filmmaker, content creator and Adobe ambassador presented Quick Tips for Creating the Most Engaging Social Media Videos during her session at the Adobe Max 2020.

The cardinal rule of content creation is undoubtedly to make them stand out. In a world with new things keep coming as the river flows, surely you want your content to be seen by the crowd.

And as cliche as it may sound, your content should have its moment that grabs attention as fast as it can. Better be at the first 5 seconds and must be edited with proper ratios depending on the social media platform you will be posting. You don’t want people to yawn at the beginning of your video, don’t you?

Amber also dropped some time for shooting which is mainly revolving around filming and planning. The context of it is no different from any other works in media. You have to organise your schedule, work with what you have, use creative camera movement and try to convey your stories from it. After all, content are stories we want to tell the world creatively, right?

Okay, have you seen a movie and cried watching it? Don’t lie, we’ve all been there. Other than the performance by the actors, the mood of the video (in film, cinematography) also plays an important role.

Mood setting is when a video has good combination of proper lighting and colour correction. To add ’MSG’ in your video, put some vibe in it. In other words, music, sound effects or basically anything on beat to match the stories you are going to tell. With the correct combination, surely you shall get the crowd you wanted.

The last step is sharing your content. At this point, I believe you’re very confident about your video but forget not, titles and captions play a vital role here. Try to make it very easy and catchy so people will be intrigued to see your content. Remember, first impressions are everything. With right wording, it is guaranteed to welcome you new followers.

To watch her session at the Adobe Max 2020, click here. 

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