This Fan Render Of The PS5’s DualSense Controller Really Makes Me Wish It Was Real

Ah, the PlayStation 5, no stranger to rumours, and fans speculating on what the device will be capable of. And recently, PlayStation gave us a better ‘sense’ of their PS5 controller, DualSense, and it’s got people riled up on it’s capability.

They’ve added some pretty great features that make for a truly ‘next-gen gaming’ experience, with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and an updated design. Added to the in-built mic’s features which was discovered in a published patent a day after the reveal, we can safely assume the DualSense will be more than capable.

But one thing people have been speculating online, is are the buttons going to light up? Yes, that is a very real question, and is a valid concern for fans. Why? Because it looks cool af. 

Check out this fan edit of the DualSense from Instagram user @ellejart:

I mean come on, doesn’t that look super freakin’ cool?? Imagine how insane that would look when you start up your PlayStation 5.

While of course, an addition like this wouldn’t necessarily be great for the controller, as we would probably see some loss in battery performance. But it should be noted, that this would probably be minimal considering LEDs use an insignificant amount of battery.

Here, imagine the possibilities with a fully lit-up controller. Quick time events would be marginally simpler as the controller would flash which button to push. Or maybe for a rhythm game, where the buttons would light up corresponding with which to press. The possibilities are endless.

It would just make the DualSense controller way cooler than I already think it is.

And we can’t discount the fact that Sony is probably hiding something from the general public, so it’s not entirely impossible. Just, improbable. Well, here’s to hoping PlayStation implement something like this to their controller. But you know what, I’m happy with just keeping this as fever dream to remind myself of the what could’ve been.

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