These “100% Final Design” iPhone 12 Pro Renders Make Me Wanna Chuck My Android Out

While Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup has at this point, been extensively leaked and speculated, this latest look is the most convincing yet. The new renders come from YouTuber ConceptsiPhone and designer Mauro Battino who have compiled essentially every detail we know about the iPhone 12 Pro, and they event claim that this is the “100% Final Design”.

At first glance, I believe it.

The video firstly features a very well made and edited faux ‘Apple’ ad. I almost believed I was looking at the real thing honestly. Another takeaway from the video is the smaller notch and the boxy iPhone 5-esque design, which works better than I thought it would.

We also catch a glance on the heavily leaked quad-camera layout with the accompanying LiDAR sensor. It highlighted a zoom lens, wide-angle lens, ultra-wide angle lens. Another highlight was the new Apple A14 Bionic chip, and a 120Hz ProMotion display.

The video also showed off the supposed new Navy Blue colour, expected to replace the last year’s Midnight Green. Looks pretty sleek if you ask me, but them axing the very popular Midnight Green might come back to bite them in the a**.

Overall, this is quite possibly our best look at the device till date. Possibly forever. Considering the timelines, this might actually be as accurate a look as we can get at the moment, and it’s hard to deny the appeal of a sleek, boxy iPhone 12 Pro.

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