The Best Time To Buy A Huawei Product Is Now & Here’s Why

From being well on their way to toppling Samsung as the worlds #1 OEM manufacturer to estimating 30 billion in losses due to ban-gate, it’s safe to say that its been a whirlwind couple of months for Chinese tech giants Huawei. From a PR perspective, Huawei has pretty much been ground zero for bad press since the ban and it is with that in mind that the company has come up with the crazy deals you will read about below.

Huawei Malaysia’s Online IT Fair kicks off today with discounts up to 50%, daily flash deals and a wheel of fortune type mini game where you can win up to RM 1000 in store vouchers and more. Will there ever be a better time to buy a Huawei device? Probably not. And here’s why.

Their flagship P30 series of phones are have had RM 400 slashed off it’s original price, with the new price for the P30 with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage now at RM2299 and the higher spec P30 Pro with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage now going for RM3,399. That’s the same price as the OPPO Reno. On top of that, you get a bunch of freebies such as wireless charging cases, a P30 Pro Snorkeling Case, an AM61 Bluetooth earphone and an AP38 Super Charge car charger thrown in.

Huawei are also slashing prices for last years Mate 20 Pro in the hopes that their customer base isn’t slashed. The Mate 20 Pro can now be purchased for RM2599, and it too comes with a bunch of freebies.

On top of the discounts on their smartphones, they’re also having daily flash deals on their other products. Today, it’s the Huawei WiFi Q2 5GHz mesh WiFi System, which is normally priced at RM999 but is going for RM499 today. The caveat to these flash deals is that there are limited units available, and at the time of writing, the mesh WiFi system is out of stock. Tomorrow, its a RM 400 discount on the Matebook 13 but you’ll have to be quick because there are only 25 units available.

All this is great and all but i’m pretty sure they put this campaign in place before they found out about Trump’s U-turn on Huawei products. One can’t help but to beg the question, could they have saved a bunch of money on all of this had they just waited it out a little longer?  Probably.

Regardless though, their loss is our gain. With deals like this, consumers can only win.

“I mean, so what if the Chinese are stealing our data, right? Prices like this are too good to miss out on. These aren’t deals, these are steals! Ha ha ha.. ”

Pretty much everyone right now.

Seeing as Trump has given US companies permission to deal with Huawei again, we probably won’t see deals like this again. Are the Chinese really using Huawei devices to spy on us? I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure, but it’s deals like this that make you want to close on eye on the whole thing, ya know? And that my friends is precisely what they want, so keep that in mind.



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