Steam Summer Sale Set To Arrive In Less Than 24 Hours

Start preparing your wallets and get some good internet because it’s almost time for the Steam Summer Sale! We can’t confirm it’s going to be here soon, but they’re very predictable. Indeed, last year’s Summer Sale was on June 22, and in 2016 it was June 23.

steam summer sale lord gaben

Valve hasn’t said anything about it, but just about everyone is sure it’s 1am 22 June (local time). In fact, the guys at SteamDB have already spotted some ‘mysterious’ trading cards, hinting further toward the Steam Summer Sale.

You can expect the usual ‘explore queue’ activities that come with the card collection stuff during the sale. Of course, the highlight will be the the games on sales themselves. We’ll update you when the sale goes live.

To check the countdown toward the Steam Summer Sale yourselves, you can click here.


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