Stay Online Always; Netgear 4G LBR20 Tri-band Wi-Fi Router Review

With MCO 2.0 being implemented now, we won’t be seeing much of the outside world unless it’s for work or to buy necessities. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and now MCO, everything is rapidly being adapted to digital; online businesses, online classes, and cashless transactions.

With everything now being online, we’re going to need to upgrade our Wi-fi for better and faster internet connection. We had the opportunity to try out one of Netgear’s new wifi router; the Orbi LBR20 Tri-band Wi-fi router. So, without any further ado, let’s see what this router has to offer.


As I personally have not seen or held any Netgear products before, seeing the design was new to me. Definitely looked futuristic but at the same time minimalistic which is good cause you’d want the router to also look like a house or office decoration.

When I looked it up it’s in fact in Netgear’s familiar curved plastic body. In the box, you’ll find the router, cables and instruction manuals. At the back, you’ll find that the setup is different to most Orbi routers.

Here is what the back of the router looks like. If you’re confused, don’t worry so was I but the instruction manual was handy to figure out where to plug everything in.

I want to point out that there’s a nano-SIM card slot back here which at first I was confused until I found out that it’s use for as a back up connection. What does this mean actually? We will get to that.

As is the case with other Orbi devices, configuration is handled through the Orbi app, where a simple configuration wizard will help you to get this router working. We’ll get into that shortly.

Features & App

If you’re upgrading an older Orbi system, then it makes sense to give this new router the same network name and password. If not, simply add a new one.

You can control almost everything from the Orbi app, which you can download from the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Use the app to set up and configure the Orbi LBR20 router, pause internet connectivity for specified devices, test your internet speed, and set up parental controls and even provides remote access to the router, so you can reboot it from wherever you are in the world.

The app was fairly simple to navigate. Directions were not confusing and you can definitely get around it after installing it.

Also from the app, you can view who’s connected to your router, turn on the guest network, and change Wi-Fi details. There are even Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa skills to let you control your guest network with your voice or be sent the current Wi-Fi details. Sadly I didn’t get to manage to test this one out.

Though there was no need for me to use it, it’s good for everyone to know that the LBR20 comes with Parental Controls. Just use the Circle Smart Parental Controls from the Orbi app to set up bedtimes and time limits for your children in addition to filtering content for added peace of mind.

Remember the SIM card slot? Well, one of the features of the LRB 20 is that you can set up and manage 2 internet connections. The 4G/LTE connection will be picked up automatically if you have a SIM installed, but you may need to enter information to have the router connect to regular broadband.

What does it mean? It simply means that if your internet connection is down, it will switch to 4G LTE connection. This is actually a really good solution when you’re working from home or have online classes. If suddenly your main connection is lost or interrupted then you could move over to 4G and continue doing what you were doing.

I tested out this “always on internet” feature where we’d still have connection when the Wi-fi got cut off or interrupted and yup, that much is true.

However, I should warn that you should beware of the 4G speed, as you may have to compensate for some devices like security cameras cause they use a lot of bandwidth, so you may want to disable them while running on 4G.


I never owned a Netgear router before so I thought I should look up other models and show you guys a speed/performance comparison.

Of course, you guys would want to know from personal experience. The speed is actually not bad. It definitely boosted up the internet connection around my house even parts where the connection would usually be slow. I could play games with my friends on Discord without worrying it would be laggy or slow which is great cause you’d want to stay alive when fighting bosses haha.

Of course, the internet connection speeds will really depend on where you live, and the network you’re on. So if your  already existing internet connection is good then you’re going to have even better by adding the LBR20. If you’re cellular network you’re on is good then you’re still gonna get fast enough internet.

How about those with bad internet connections? I can’t really say for sure but I can confirm from experience that the router will definitely help boost things up a little.

Final Thoughts

How important is your internet connection? If you really can’t live without it, then the Netgear Orbi 4G LTE (LBR20) is a great way to make sure that you’ll always be online.

And, since it works with just about the most popular mesh system, it can be a good upgrade for many. This is also a good system for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for (or who can’t get) landline broadband.

If you need the safety net of 4G backup then the Netgear Orbi 4G LTE (LBR20) router is a good way to get what you need. Where can you get it? You can purchase it at their official store at Lazada for RM 3,299.00 which I know can be a bit pricy but investing on fast internet when everything is going digital is never a bad investment so think about it.




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