Spotify Wrapped for the Gaming Consoles of 2020

Spotify has disclosed the top artists, songs and video game soundtracks worldwide and nationally on what gamers has listened to throughout the year.

This year marked the year where video gaming culture and music collided as people picked up gaming more. Almost 55% increase worldwide in streaming from gaming consoles and early morning streaming saw an increase by more than 47%. The consoles in context are both Xbox and Playstation which Spotify has custom build integration.

Locally, the streaming has increased beyond 63% over the year prior. The most streamed tracks from the gaming console is Falling by Trevor Daniel, followed by Powfu and beabadoobee’s ”death bed (coffee for your head) and Roddy Ricch’s The Box.

The most-streamed genres are Rap and Trap while the top video game soundtracks globally came from Minecraft, Doom and Death Stranding. The most-streamed video game soundtracks are include “Minecraft – Volume Beta” by C418, “Doom (Original Game Soundtrack)” by Mick Gordon and “DEATH STRANDING: Timefall” by DEATH STRANDING: Timefall.

Here listed down are the Spotify 2020 Wrapped Global Top Lists on Gaming Consoles:


Most Streamed Artists Globally

  1. Juice WRLD
  3. Travis Scott
  4. Lil Uzi Vert
  5. YoungBoy Never Broke Again



Most Streamed Female Artists Globally

  1. Billie Eilish
  2. Halsey
  3. Ariana Grande
  4. Nicki Minaj 
  5. Dua Lipa


Most Streamed Tracks Globally

  1. “The Box” by Roddy Ricch
  2. “Blueberry Faygo” by Lil Mosey
  3. “goosebumps” by Travis Scott
  4. “ROCKSTAR” by DaBaby feat. Roddy Ricch
  5. “Falling” by Trevor Daniel



Most Streamed Video Game Soundtracks Globally

  1. “Minecraft – Volume Beta” by C418
  2. “Doom (Original Game Soundtrack)” by Mick Gordon
  3. “DEATH STRANDING: Timefall” by DEATH STRANDING: Timefall


Spotify 2020 Wrapped Malaysia’s Top Lists On Gaming Consoles:  

Malaysia’s Most Streamed Artists

  1. Travis Scott
  2. Juice WRLD
  3. The Weeknd
  4. Post Malone
  5. Justin Bieber



Malaysia’s Most Streamed Tracks

  1. “Falling” by Trevor Daniel
  2. “death bed (coffee for your head)” by Powfu, beabadoobee
  3. “The Box” by Roddy Ricch
  4. “ROXANNE” by Arizona Zervas
  5. “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd

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