Discover Your Gaming Style; Spotify Unveils New Digital Experience For League Of Legends Fans

Earlier this week, Spotify and League of Legends unveil a new digital experience to help fans discover their gaming style as they celebrate the highly anticipated League of Legends’ World Championship.

League of Legends fans can find out which pro style they match, alongside bespoke music playlists that fit that style through a brand new quiz, whether one experiments with off-beat strategies or employs a fearless, confident approach during critical clutch moments.

Users will need to head over to to begin the experience and respond to questions that help determine which style of play they are most closely linked to. Spotify then matches users with the archetype of their player and shares a curated playlist based on each playing style.

This new experience is another way in which Spotify and Riot Games’ hugely popular League of Legends have joined forces to create a unique and seamless audio universe experience for millions of fans across the globe which was announced 2 months ago. Users can look forward to more exciting news in the near future.

Spotify and Riot Games produced a behind-the-scenes look at how the Worlds Anthem is made, develop different podcast series, create curated playlists, and launch a new League of Legends Esports Music Hub on Spotify. This partnership reflects the commitment of both brands to create quality digital content, as well as memorable fan experiences.

For additional details about the new experience and the League of Legends partnership, head to the League of Legends Hub on Spotify.

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