Spotify Allows Google Assistant To ’Assist’ You On Hearing Podcasts

Other than listening to music, some people also find comfort In podcasts. And of course, with the player app, Spotify, one can find their bliss by listening to their favourite podcasts on the platform

With the aid of Google Assistant, you can now listen to tracks that you want directly from the app. Somehow, before this recent update, Google Assistant didn’t assist in terms of listening to podcast.

Anyway, let’s recap what has Spotify done for these past few months. If you are an avid listener of Spotify, you would have realised a new album made for you by Spotify with the title of Time Capsule.

There, you shall see the songs that can be said as ’the bops from the past’. Also, very recently, Spotify has launched a new listening experience that brings together music and spoken-word content, allowing full songs and talk commentary to live together wrapped up in one show. I have not tried that feature yet but the Time Capsule, yes I’m in love!

Okay now let’s get to our main point. Now, consumers of Google Assistant may use them to listen to podcasts through any enabled speakers such as new Nest Audio, Nest Mini and Nest Hub Max. And if they are using it on the phone, they may also use it on the go whenever they want to.

Despite that, this new improvement only featured in English language only globally. But still, we shall expect for any more improvement in this feature considering it is very needed for podcast lover.

But, if you want to use this feature, of course, there are few settings to be made. Firstly, you must make sure that your phone already liaises to the same WiFi connection with a Google device. And after that, simply select Music And Audio and finally tap on Link Account to begin the Spotify log-in process.

Various podcasts can be chosen from Spotify ranging from comedies to horror to documentaries. But if you were to ask for my suggestion, I always go for the local ones. Those are ’Two Book Nerds Talking’ and ’Buah Mulut’.

This new updates by Google Assistant and Spotify will surely bring something exciting to the podcast lover.



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