Spire Reveals Curvature III Ergonomic Keyboard

Spire announced the CURVATURE lll, a fully ergonomic keyboard which reduce muscle strain through its extensive design in a shape of a V form, allows the left arm to be positioned in such a way that is natural to the human posture.

The keyboard includes multimedia and internet hotkeys features, making this keyboard convenient to master without overloading your arm-muscles and tendons.

Main Features:

  • Curved and slightly tilted design
  • Natural wrist and arm positioning
  • Multimedia keyboard including hot keys
  • Easy access to internet and multimedia functions
  • High-quality membrane key switches
  • Lifespan: 10,000,000 times
  • Spill liquid proof design
  • Plug & Play, Compatible with Windows, MAC & Linux
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty service

The CURVATURE III keyboard is now available from Spire Corp in Shenzhen, China. Availability from Spire Europe, The Netherlands is at the end of May 2017. Suggested retail price is € 39,95 / $ 45.95 (approx. RM190)

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