Sony Will Send Out Special Invites To Buy The PS5 To The True PlayStation Fans; You Can Apply Too!

The Sony PlayStation 5 represents everything that console gamers have been looking forward to for the past couple of years. Sony sure as heck took their sweet time in unveiling what the console even looked like, but now that they’ve done that and shared that it will be available come the holiday season at the end of the year, gamers are faced with two problems.

One is of course the cost of the device. Sony hasn’t actually given us any hints as to how much it’ll cost, but assuming you have the dough, there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’ll even be able to place an order because of the sheer demand for the console.

Since it’s going to be tough to get, Sony has decided to give some of the PlayStations most dedicated gamers the chance to be first in line for the PS5. The company will send out pre-order invites to a selected few. In order to stand a chance, just head on over to the PlayStation website and submit your PSN username on the form.

Sony will then select users based on “previous interests and PlayStation activities”, and if selected, these lucky few will receive an email invite allowing them to order the console. Of course, orders are limited to just one console per PSN ID. That being said, even if you do get an email, you’re going to want to act fast because there are limited consoles and an email guarantees you nothing.

Still though, nice of Sony to think of the real fans :’)



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