Site24x7 Announces CloudSpend, Its Cost Analytics Platform for the Public Cloud

The New Offering Enables Businesses to Visualize Runaway Expenditure and Implement Effective Budget Controls in AWS

Site24x7, the cloud-based performance monitoring solution for DevOps and IT operations from Zoho Corporation, recently announced the general availability of Site24x7 CloudSpend, its cost analytics solution for public cloud platforms. The new solution is aimed at bridging the gap between capacity planning and cost optimization for resources running in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, which happens to be really hot right now. CloudSpend’s business intelligence (BI) insights enable businesses to visualize runaway expenditures and implement effective budget controls, while reducing operational expenditure (OpEx) across multiple accounts.

Public cloud adoption has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. With public cloud being cost effective
and easy to set up, businesses tend to leverage them to digitize their services and achieve their business
goals faster. This often leads to complexities that arise due to a number of possible reasons that can result in overspending. To eliminate these undesired expenses, organizations need a solution that can help monitor and optimize their cloud costs without impacting their services.

Site24x7’s CloudSpend addresses these issues with a holistic view of cloud expenditures across multiple accounts from a single console. CloudSpend also provides IT teams (IT financial planners & cloud service providers) BI insights for addressing cloud cost adjustments that achieve priority-based resource allocation, and thus helps in reducing overall OpEx.

“With pay-as-you-go pricing models, public cloud platforms are strategic drivers for digital transformation. Since digital transformation is largely a process and not the end goal, businesses not only want to embark on their digital transformation journey but also wants to optimise it to reap greater results.”

Srinivasa Raghavan, product manager, Site24x7.

For all customers and managed service partners looking to optimize their AWS costs, Site24x7 CloudSpend is available here, free of charge for AWS bills less than $3,000 per month. Site24x7 CloudSpend is priced at 0.5% of AWS bill amounts that are greater than $100,000, and 0.8% of AWS bill amounts between $3,000-$100,000.


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