Singapore Officially Lifts Lockdown, Looking To Restart Economy

Singapore will be ending its circuit breaker that brought the small nation to a halt back in April, the measures were necessary to minimise Covd19 from spreading and infecting its community.

A big relief to all but certainly not without its risks, said Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, referring to more circuit breaker measures to be lifted starting June 2 that will see the reopening of up three-quarters of the economy and a third of its workforce returning to work.

“The number of daily cases in the community has come down considerably. More patients have now recovered and have been discharged than those still receiving care. However, COVID-19 is still far from defeated,” Lee said in his Facebook update.

 As of today, Singapore has confirmed 408 new cases bringing the tally to 35,292 with all new cases involving migrant workers residing in dormitories.

As many are looking forward to seeing their friends in school again, visiting parents and grandparents, Lee advised that they “must remain cautious and vigilant”.

“Please keep your guard up. Maintain safe distancing, wear masks when outdoors and at work, watch your personal hygiene and wash hands frequently. Avoid crowds and gatherings.

“If we all do these, then life can go on more or less normally after the circuit breaker. We don’t want COVID-19 cases to spike up again, and be forced to tighten up once more,” he wrote.

“Even after a vaccine is found, everything will not simply go back to the way it was before. COVID-19 has exposed how vulnerable our way of life is. But it has also given us the opportunity to prove our mettle, and come back stronger,” he said.

As the eight-week long circuit breaker which took effect on April 7 ends, the prime minister thanked everyone again for playing their part so that Singapore can now reopen safely.

 The republic will now embark on a controlled approach to resume activities safely over three phases which are Phase One (Safe Re-opening), planned to be done in two-incubation periods; followed by Phase Two (Safe Transition), and Phase Three (Safe Nation).

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