Series A Funding Raises Prospects For

Finding a place to stay when you’re a student can be an arduous task, with budget constraints and searching for location that suit are some of the peeves many inexperienced first timers face. eases this process with curated content of rent-able homes and apartments near colleges and universities. Established in 2015 with a seed fund of US$500,000 the site has managed to accelerate the growth in the student property rental market and expanded expanded its presence across Southeast Asia.


Seeing the potential for growth, the founders have received another round of Series A  funding to further strengthen its foothold in Malaysia and drive further growth in the region. Using the investment in growth, people, infrastructure & technology. One of the investors Hoop Partners with the CEO Toshiyuki Hirayama, adding “As a real estate asset management firm in Japan, we have been looking for a r­eal estate tech investment in Southeast Asia – which  is a fast growing market. We are attracted by market size and growth of student accommodation business and impressed by the highly motivated and experienced founders.


Hostelhunting an MSC status company is headed by CEO Wen Khai with operation office in Bangsar.

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