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SAP Leonardo Take Customers to the Next Level

SAP Leonardo Take Customers to the Next Level

In its efforts to help customers harness the power of data and advance their digital enterprise, SAP launches a suite of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions known as SAP Leonardo.

This digital innovation system utilises advances in Big Data and analytics, the ability to connect people, things and business with SAP Cloud Platform, along with technologies such as machine learning to support IoT and Industry 4.0 strategies across digital logistics, manufacturing and asset management.

The new solution also includes SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge, which is a configurable role-based digital command centre to give operations managers the ability to act in real time, along with SAP Global Track and Trace, a cloud-based offering of unified, end-to-end tracking, monitoring and reporting of objects and business processes across supply chain networks.

Apart from that, SAP Leonardo offers IoT Edge software to being compute, storage and business semantics via cloud, while the SAP Digital Manufacturing Insight acts as a centralised cloud-based manufacturing performance management solution that provides comprehensive visibility into manufacturing to enable process optimisation.

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