Samsung Partners Deezer For Lossless Audio Speakers

Allowing music to be heard the way they are meant to be, Samsung is working with Deezer the music streaming app that streams music at 16-Bit/44.1 kHz in lossless audio, to give music fans and audiophiles quality tracks as originally intended.

With the partnership, selected Samsung soundbars and wireless speakers will come with the feature and users can now listen to all the songs available on the play list using these speakers.

In addition Deezer HiFi includes Flow, a personal soundtrack that uses smart data to play familiar favorites and new recommendations for users, as well as ad-free listening, unlimited music play and access to an extensive library of playlists, albums and music genres.

The music app was first introduced in 2007 and continues to be privately held catering to listeners who seek quality output in the music they want. To date there are over 36 million HiFi tracks being offered i  more than 180 countries.

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