Samsung In Hot Water Over Misleading Advertising

Advertising agencies often push the envelope when it comes to exaggerating the truth of the product and brand they represent. There are times these exaggeration appear creative and times where they can mislead, Samsung learnt this the hard way in Australia when its agency push a tad too far.

The smartphone maker ran a series of advertisement for its Galaxy phones, showing people swimming in pools and surfing in the beach, letting the water loving Aussies to believe the phones showed can be used while swimming or surfing. This has lead to the Australia Consumer watchdog to sue the company for misleading advertising, you see Samsung smartphones can only be submerged in fresh water and not salt filled ocean water. Despite fine prints on the website stating phones should not be used on pools or the beach, the advertisement on the other hand showed otherwise tapping into the nations favourite pass time.. For Australians water is a big thing, they just about conduct most of their sports in water and have produced world champion swimmers and Samsung was trying to leverage on that and has been seen as distasteful by the watchdog.

Well we can also safely say that this is not the first time, Samsung has been embroiled in inaccurate promotion about its labour practises where there are reports of the tech company using under aged workers in its Asian factories. On the website it claims to adhere strict global code of conduct and practises ethical management and plans to become on of the most ethical company in the world.

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