Samsung Galaxy Note Gets Unpacked On August 7

The wait is over, Samsung has officially revealed the launch date for the next Galaxy Note model, and once again New York is the preferred venue.

With Huawei taking a back seat and getting its house in order, Samsung has the chance to devour the market and regain a strong foothold, the onus is on the Korean giant. Its laggard approach that let to the rise of Chinese smartphone manufacturers, despite having markets in US and China, Samsung failed to capitalise on its Android superiority, with close to losing its number one position, until Trump stepped in.

Galaxy Note series is a unique segment that even Apple did not expect to see, once mocked for releasing a large display phone with stylus, now competitors are following suit, eager to have a piece of the pie the Galaxy commands. This year will mark the 10th iteration of the model, online media are flooded with design and feature leaks, Android Central notes that there could be more than one model release this year and that is quite a possibility. Samsung is more aggressive in its roll-out recently, the S10 launch had two other variant tagging along, S10+ and S10e, dont be surprised we see the trend continue with the Galaxy Note.

We shall witness the unveiling come this August and if any of the rumours claim truth to what the Note 10 is capable of, after 10 years the Note has only let us down once and that hard lesson is what the series following suit lived up to expectation, including for the upcoming launch.

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