Review: Webe-Finally A Fuss Free Mobile Plan



A new mobile player is in town and it promises never-ending everything, be it data, calls and SMS. webe, a company under TM, is making headway in the competitive industry as it differentiates itself from the rest of the telco players in Malaysia. It brands itself as a digital mobility service provider – and not as a telco – as it pioneers a new way of doing business in the industry.

 Easy Sign-Up

The base plan price is RM199 per month, but if you have a webe certified phone – the list is on the website – you can get a RM60 rebate. If you were a P1 or currently a TM customer, you will receive an additional RM60 discount – leaving you to pay RM79 monthly.

The process of applying for a webe number is fairly simple: you could either do it online via the webe website or go to the webe lounge located in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. Once you’ve submitted your order online, webe is committed to deliver the sim card via courier within 48 hours (unless you’re living the in depths of a jungle). If you opted to sign-up at the webe lounge, you could wait for the sim card while you browse and shop, or have it delivered directly to your home. 


While its data, calls and SMS are virtually unlimited, I wondered if there was a catch somewhere, especially when you aren’t bounded by contract. You can cancel at any time. To avoid the abuse of its service, webe implemented a charge of tethering. Yes, you can’t tether without being charged RM6 for 2 hours, up to five devices. 

Point 1: Fits all sim trays

A nifty thing about the webe sim is the selection of sizes. Though it is pre-cut, you essentially have a built-in adapter for most sim trays, whether you’re using micro or nano sim. 

 Speed Test by ookla

Seeing as webe together with its 850 bandwidth is also riding on Celcom’s infrastructure, I decided to do a little simultaneous speed test between webe and the former. The results showed a consistency in high download speeds throughout Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya

Byline: By Nur Atifi

(updated: Webe has announced their latest promotion, for just RM79 flat (no conditions) anyone can sign up for the plan and get unlimited data)


Price: From RM79 per month

Plan: One Plan, Unlimited Data


Value: 8

Signal Strength: 9

Features: 9

Plan Design: 9
Usability: 9

Total score: 8.8 

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