Review: The Magnificent Sony X85D 4K HDTV

V – 8/10

P – 9/10

F – 9/10

D – 10/10

U – 9/10

Total – 9

Verdict: One of the best slim 4K HDTV’s currently out there.


Gone are the days of the bulky and obsolete CRT and plasma TV monitors in modern households as LED and LCD TVs are the way to go. These days, slimmer TVs have become a necessity is most households as not only does it provide a better overall quality in terms of resolution and image, but also adds to the décor of the household, giving it a more modern and contemporary look as well as feel.

Sony is considered one of the big name players in the slim TV industry as its products has always been to be able to turn heads. I had the chance to take the Sony X85D 4K HDTV for a spin and I was left wondering how else could I enjoy watching TV on anything else ever again.


My name is… Slim… Shady?

Although the X85D doesn’t sell platinum rap albums, it does however, hold its own when it comes to being considered as one of the slimmest LCD TV’s Sony has to offer. At only 11.2mm, the slim bezel on the X85D ensures you get the most out of the TV without having to compromise on the quality of the picture.

The X85D is also capable of fitting into any living room or bedroom décor seamlessly and effortlessly as its ultra-thin design allows it to not only be placed on a TV stand, but mounted on the wall as well.


Easy on the Eye

What makes the X85D a truly remarkable TV is input of the X1 4K Processor chip, Sony’s advanced image processing engine. This chip is able to perform thousands of adjustments every second to further enhance the resolution, colour, and brightness of the TV. What also makes this TV great is the absence of eye strain. No matter how long or how near you are looking at the X85D, there will never be any wear and tear on your pupils, thus making it a lot easier and to go about your life’s mission on being the ultimate couch potato.


Personal Cinema Experience

If you ever thought heading to the cinema was the best way to watch a movie, you have not tried it out on the X85D. Thanks to Sony’s innovative Slim Backlight Drive, it guides light to where it’s needed most on the screen. This ensures that parts of the screen that is too bright is dimmed down while other parts that are in need of light gets brightened up.

With its 4K display, watching your movies and TV shows on the X85D will make you feel like you are a part of it due to its exceptional use of colour, making it lifelike. It up-scales every pixel while noise reduction techniques are used to refine and sharpen the images, giving it a smoother, clearer, and more natural look.


Clutter-free Cables

The X85D comes with a TV stand that doubles as a storage compartment for your cables; this makes it a lot easier to store your cables into one place without having to worry about mixing up the cables as well as watching them gather dust and exposing them to dangers and risks.

The stand also allows you to store cables from various other devices like your DVD players, PlayStation 4, and many more. Not only will this give your TV a clutter-free environment, it also brightens the outlook of your entire room without having to worry about the cables and wires being in the way.


Written by Wiliam Teh

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