Review: Mighty Razor Leviathan Mini speaker

Value: 6/10

Features: 9/10

Performance: 9/10

Design: 9/10

Usability: 9/10

Total Score: 8.4/10

Verdict: Absolutely love it for its usability and style quotient. Questionable pricing though.


This is one sexy sound bar and I wondered if it lived up to the name of its bigger and meaner brother Razer Leviathan. The reviews online were literally singing praises for this machine and I volunteered to test this new baby out when it made its way into our labs. I do get first dibs; smugly smiling here.

And the Razer Leviathan Mini, boy, did it deliver.

Unboxing itself is a delight seeing the black matte bar snuggly fit in an equally stylish box, with all its accessories sitting nicely beneath the jet-black sound bar. But then again, a box is a box, or is it?


Music at a jiffy

Now getting it started is a breeze. I am not on for complicated gadgets and the fact that I didn’t really have to read the manual to get it going is a major plus point. Even my nephew had a ball of a time connecting his phone via Bluetooth to listen to his JOOX. Needless to say, the Mini disappeared for a day into his room with music blasting away to his heart content. It is definitely something parents can gift to their children because pricing wise, I think it is slightly out of their reach.

For me, I really liked it too since connecting to my Spotify and listening to all my playlist anytime and anywhere at home was such a pleasure. Just power up the Mini and press its Bluetooth button and it will immediately start scanning for other Bluetooth devices to pair with. Then just turn the Bluetooth on your PC, laptop or phone, then add and pair your device with the Razer Leviathan Mini. And you are good to go. That simple.

You can also connect with this device via its built-in NFC technology for ultra-fast pairing. Connectivity range of the Leviathan Mini is up to 30 feet, by the way, so no messy wires. Or if you still want wired connectivity, you can connect to the sound bar with the 3.5mm analog audio jack

Now about the sound and clarity of the Leviathan Mini. It presents awe-inspiring audio powerfor something that tiny – powerful lows and crystal clear highs at unbelievable volumes really. This is the ultra-portable speaker that you want to carry around. Did we tell you that one of the accessories included in this box is a carrying case that will also protect the device from any bumps and scratches while travelling.  The design team in Razer really thought of everything.


Black Beauty

With a stylish form factor, the Mini was like my new clutch for home – travelling from one room to the other with me when I needed to take my music with me.

It just reminded me of the hi-fi stereos of yesteryears where people actually lugged it around on their shoulder. This is the ultimate in audio entertainment on the go minus the heavy weight. If you plan to share your music with everyone around, ditch the earphones and get the Leviathan Mini.

With an impressive battery power of up to 10 hours, you do not really have to worry about your music dying on you so quickly. Now this is what I call a Mighty Mini.


Written by Vino Nair



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