Redmi 9T; Beats All The Decency

The moment I received this handphone in my hand, I couldn’t help myself from thinking how basic this headphone is going to be. Well, it’s not wrong, though. However, the Redmi 9T has everything you need in a phone at a surely affordable price.

Upon receiving the phone,I did my research and figured out that Redmi 9T is a budget phone. However, I did have my own expectations and use this phone as my second phone or working phone. 

Throughout the two weeks period, I was using it merely for work purposes which is basically editing simple photos and writing captions. Other than that, I also have been using it for photography purposes. That being said, I was able to do my work well with this phone.

First of all, let’s talk about its exterior design. The colour that I received is Ocean Green. The other colours available are Carbon Gray, Sunset Orange and Twilight Blue. The colours are vibrant and I really love the colour that I received. 

With the weight of less than 200g, it is easy to bring everywhere in the pocket too. I use 2 phones (including this one) so I always bring it everywhere and put it in my pocket. In terms of size, it does look big but as I put it in the pocket, it did not take as much space as Was expected and very convenient too. Just for your information, the phone is sized at 77.3mm x 162.3mm and the thickness is 9.6mm. Not too big but still easy to grip.

Let’s talk about the screen now. The screen is very sensitive hence it is very easy to use especially when I’m editing on Canva. Also, the screen does not take much time to be unlocked. Simply put any finger on the side fingerprint sensor on the phone. This is very convenient as you can do it as you are holding and gripping your phone.

The Redmi 9T is equipped with 6000mAh (typ) high-capacity battery. The battery consumption is very impressive. On idle mode, it can last up to two days and only affects around 50% of the battery. On active mode, which is when I was using it for Tiktok and YouTube, it only affected less than 5% in a span of an hour. 

According to the specs, it supports fast charging but as far as I was using it, the period it takes to charge is not as fast as I expected. I was expecting it to be 70% charged in a span of less than 30 minutes but after half an hour, only 25% was charged.

The camera on the Redmi 9T is complete with its 48MP AI quad back camera and a 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera also 2MP depth sensor for close-up shots with professional-level bokeh. Instead of telling the quality of the camera in words, I prefer to show you instead down here.

The outcomes are well-to-do but it’s not because the quality is not good but I am far from a photographer. Look at the quality, the picture taken is very detailed as it has 1.6μm 4-in-1 Super Pixel, 0.8μm pixel size. The video, on the other hand, even it was not stabilised but it does have quality up to 1080p for front and rear camera.

Of course, it’s not only sunshine and rainbows. The Redmi 9T boasts on the processor of Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 which is identical to the Poco M3. I expected smooth performance e.g.; apps switching but the transition is mediocre. 

I tried to uninstall bigger apps on the phone too but they are either crashing or can’t be opened at all. However smaller apps or games such as Subway Surf have no issue with it. 

This is just a minor inconvenience for me but I don’t like when we can’t open it to just see the notifications and remain locked. Such occasions just happen only when there’s incoming notifications. It’s not a burden but just a personal disliking.

Speaking about the price, it started from RM599 for 4GB+64GB and RM699 for 6GB+128GB. Personally, the price is very worthy of what is featured inside the phone. Compared to other Android phones at that range of prices, the Redmi 9T has better performance and is filled with specs that made it possible to stand up among the others.

To sum it up, Redmi 9T is a recommended budget phone. You can give it to your younger friends or parents. It also works well for aspiring photographers, thanks to the camera quality. The performance is still in the can-be-improved phase and actually, is not really a hassle.

Overall, I love this phone because of the affordability and the specs that are not too detailed but suitable for all types of users (what?)


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