PS5 Games Reveal Scheduled For THIS WEEK; Our First Look At The Future Of Gaming Is Only 2 Days Away

The long wait is finally over! While originally slated for a June 4 reveal, Sony’s decision to postpone the PS5 games reveal event is understandable and let’s be real here, the absolute right thing to do. Yes, we’ve been waiting a year or so for this date but it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer!

An advertisement running on Twitch has given away the date for the previously canceled event, and it’s SOON. Thanks to Twitter user Daniel Ahmad, the internet was treated to a new reveal date, and it’s just two days from now! Shortly after the ad was shared, the official PlayStation Twitter account announced that the new date is indeed June 11.


Aptly titled “THE FUTURE OF GAMING”, fans around the world (myself included) are mostly excited to get a glimpse of just how brilliant Unreal Engine 5 is. Remember, this is the same engine that revealed jaw dropping graphics at a recent tech demo and with news that the PlayStation 5 is almost¬†too fast for the next-gen engine, expectations are HIGH.

Adding to the PlayStation hype is the recent concept PS5 user interface video Twitter user Joshua, The Creator shared with the internet.

Look at how clean it looks!! Argh, i’m almost salivating just thinking about what the actual UI is going to look like. If it’s anything like Joshua’s, i’m already sold.

As usual, stay tuned for PS5 updates as we’ll be bringing you more as it develops.

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