PS4 Cross-Play Is Out Of Beta; Now Full Feature Open For Developers

Sony has been working on a Cross-Play function, that has now finished beta and is now a full feature open for developers to use. The news comes from a Wired article, which says that cross-play is now promoted to a full feature, and is available to developers that want cross-play features in their game.

Most probably, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, as Activision and Infinity Ward already announced that PS4, Xbox One, and PC players will be able to play together with online multiplayer, and also because it’s releasing next month.

During the beta phase of PS4’s cross-play, games that were tested was Fortnite and Rocket League. This helped to prove the system was capable of cross-play. With this news, we’ll probably see more multi-platform games that support the feature. But I’m a little worried about the potential backlash of the system. I’m sure people will have complaints about PC players in FPS games like Call of Duty. The PC master race will be able to dominate even on our safe console spaces.

If and when the implement the system, they’ll have to seperate rooms/lobbies with players who want to play against PC gamers, and who don’t. Otherwise, I don’t think it’ll work, or rather people will find a way to complain.

But It’s Not All Bad Guys

However, there are many players who are happy about the potential opening of player bases. Check out this post on reddit. People are already talking about what could happen, and many are happy who will be happy to play with their friends across various platforms.

Comment from neokeyzer on reddit

But here’s the potential bad, check out this comment from neokeyzer on the reddit post. This is the potential future, but hey, whatever happens, happens right?

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