Projecting The Best from the Mini; Canon Mini Projector MP250 Review

This is long overdue but better late than never, right? Don’t do that. Submit your assignments on time kids. Anyways, we had the opportunity something very cool mini projector which is the Canon Mini Projector MP250.

The Canon Mini Projector MP250 is one of Canon’s new device in its line of projectors. It is a Portable Mini Projector with up to 93″ of screen projection and automatic vertical keystone adjustment.

Like all our reviews, we’ll be looking at design, usability, performance, pricing and I’ll give you my final thoughts in the end. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.


Coming at you at 407g, this projector is very, very light (as one should expect from a portable projector). This makes it easy for travel. You can use it in your room, for (physical) classes, hanging out with friends or maybe even during a date.

The Canon Mini Projector MP250 we got comes in a very nice light grey, silver-ish colour. Design wise, not much to complain, it definitely is like a mini version of any Canon projectors. It has all that’s needed in a projector.

I do love they incorporate a touchpad into the design. The touchpad is located on top of the projector where at the sides there’s features like volume, home and so on.

Usability and Connectivity

One of the things I love most about this projector is its touchpad on top of the projector. You can see this feature in our unboxing video (coming soon). For the 2 weeks I’ve used this projector, I have little to no complains about the touchpad.

Its sensitivity is the same as any mousepad laptop; not to sensitive and doesn’t require for you to really press your fingers on it to detect the touch. Sensitivity was just right, which is great.

In terms of wireless connectivity, it works just like it should. It was very easy to set up, the instruction manual that comes with the projector was easy to understand. You won’t need help to set it up.

The internet connection definitely depends on your own Wi-Fi connection so if you have fast Wi-Fi, you need not worry. For Bluetooth, the MP250 connected to all my devices just fine. It took a few seconds for it to detect my phone, laptop and speakers and connecting the projector to those devices was no trouble at all.

But let’s say you do experience trouble with the wireless feature, the MP250 has 2 USB 2.0 Type A ports for you to connect it to your devices.  Another impressive thing is that in case of an emergency, this projector has a MicroSD card reader (up to 32GB). Talk about backups!

Image, Video and Sound Quality

First, let me start with its sound quality. The Canon Mini Projector MP250 comes with 2.5 W, 4 Ω (Mono) speakers which is good but not the best quality but you have to keep in mind this is a mini portable projector so you can’t really expect cinema quality sound.

The sound quality is actually good enough for you to watch your favourite TV series, movies and maybe play video games. It’s clear, it sounds nice and it doesn’t distort as much on full volume.

Now for the most important part; image and video quality. The general input of the Canon Mini Projector MP250 comes at 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution which is actually pretty good for a mini projector. I thought it would come at 720 but I was proven wrong.

The video input resolution of the projector goes up to 4K UHD resolution. If that’s not impressive for a mini projector, I don’t know what is. I tested it out by watching some YouTube videos, Netflix and I even played games using this projector.

The image quality is so good. It did feel like I was watching a big screen TV in my room. With the right room, sound and lighting set up, you can definitely enjoy viewing your entertainment content to the fullest. You can see for yourself from these photos I took as well as from our unboxing video (coming soon). I can assure that in real life, the quality is really, really good.

Final Thoughts

Portable, Wireless, Full HD quality, great connectivity and easy to use. What more could you ask for? My viewing experience with the Canon Mini Projector MP250 was definitely immersive and enjoyable.

I had a great time with this thing that I wish I can keep it but sadly, all good things must come to an end but not necessarily for you though! If you wish to purchase the Canon Mini Projector MP250, it comes at RM 2,199 which I know, it may not be the most affordable of prices but with everything you’re getting, it’s a good investment for sure.

Comment what you think!