Prepare For The Stress; Adobe Max 2020: Creating on Social Media Part 2

Now in our previous article, we’ve shared with you all the things you need to know about gaining an audience for your social media and YouTube Channel. Everyone is chasing for success, everyone is working on a project that could potentially make people know them for their work.

But for some reason, we don’t focus much on the dark side of things. While success will give you recognition in the business, there’s a price to pay.

In the second part of his live session, Creating On Social Media: More Gain With Less Pain, Ben Marriott shares his experience with the responsibilities that comes with success and tips on how to deal with it. Here we will break it down like Ben did during his session.

Have A Plan: Once you’ve gained your audience, you’re gonna have keep the momentum which is not easy. You want to keep being consistent so Ben came up with his own schedule of his post; days he will create and days he will post them up. If you’re not a schedule person, a simple list on your phone is good enough. Work with what’s most comfortable for you.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others: This is a hard one because we are our worst critics but what’s important is the your own content, not other’s. Don’t worry if someone else is uploading every day when you only upload once a week. That’s their work, you should focus on your work and your own schedule.

Don’t Be Hasty: There’s always this rush to be successful, understandably why though. But Ben shared that growing an audience takes time. Even years. There’s no deadline to success or gaining an audience. The views and Likes will come, just focus on being consistent with your content postings and surely people will come and appreciate your work.

Don’t Take It Personally: This may be a hard one to ignore. The internet is full of awful people and they will say mean things about your work. For some reason, out of 100 positive comments, we will always remember 1 negative comment. Not all criticism is constructive sadly so try to look at the negative feedback as a way to motivate to improve your skills.

Make Time For Yourself and Avoid Burnouts: In the beginning, you’d feel this excitement of working and doing something you love but try not to overwork. Take some time off and Ben stresses that it’s extremely important to not remove sleep in your schedule. Don’t say yes to every job, every task. Find the right balance and set your priorities straight.

So to conclude part 2 of Ben’s session, do your work at your own pace. You can’t rush creativity and you can’t rush success. Try to find a work – life balance and also find the balance between quality and quantity. We hope these tips will come in helpful.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your equipment and start creating! Have fun and always take care of yourself!


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