Prepare for Success; Adobe Max 2020: Creating on Social Media Part 1

Rome was not built in a day but Rome ain’t social media kind of success. In order for someone to be successful in the world that is fast-paced, good strategies must be planned aligned with the current situation of the world. So maybe in a way, social media is Rome. So, with strategies that been shared by Ben Marriott, an Australian motion designer and YouTube on Adobe Max 2020 entitled Creating on Social Media: More Gain with Less Pain, here I will share it for our own good.

First and foremost,  he said that a content that you want to create must have its own value. In the other words, value means something that your audiences could make use of it for their own good. Even in the humanities concept, sharing good things as guides is considered noble. The value we are talking about is not something like in our literature components in high school but something educational and impactful to mind as well as the society.

In the process of making stuff for your content, you don’t have to be perfect. Do not dictate yourself and put a ridiculous benchmark on your own œuvre d’arts. As long as you are making something for your audiences, it’s the effort (and content, of course) that matters most. Take every flaw that you made and improve it in the next updates on whatever you are doing. What does not kill you made you stronger, is it?

Also, it is obvious that we create content to share what we like so do not be shy about it. Show your audiences what triggers your enthusiastic self no matter how bizarre it may sound to the well. This, of course, must according to societal acceptance as well. But who knows that throughout your journey, you may meet someone with the same passion as you. After all, life is all about expecting the unexpected, right?

Anyway, a good camera does not guarantee good content. If you put your faith in your idea, without a doubt, you can record it even with a smartphone camera and it is still going to generate crowds for you. Good camera is only a privilege that is not a necessity to own. If you wait only for the good tools to come, imagine the stories you could cover that you are going to miss. A time wasted is an opportunity missed.

Lastly, be sure to engage with your audience. Obviously, you cannot please every of your audience but you do not have to, anyway. Try to reply to as many comments as possible. From there, a bond possibly to be created. When you have their engagement, there you will have your fanbase. The stronger the fanbase, you can assure your success.

But with success, comes the stress. We shall discuss this soon on our next article so, stay tuned!

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