Pokémon GO Cancels Another Event And Introduces More Measures For Home Play

Niantic has yet again decided to call off an event meant to take place this week, as the COVID-19 outbreak makes outdoor play difficult.

This week, from 24 March to 31 March, a raid week with Lugia was meant to take place. But as the situation worsens, Niantic decides it’s for the best that he doesn’t make his appearance.

Currently, the Legendary Pokémon in Tier 5 raids is Cobalion, introduced in Generation V of the Pokémon games. It made its first appearance in November 2019. Now, its shiny form is available for players to encounter, and will still be in raids until the end of the month.

This doesn’t add up. So, Niantic decides to call of Lugia raids in a bid to discourage outdoor play, yet have other Pokémon, including Cobalion, still, appear? That’s a little counterproductive on their part.

Niantic should, in my opinion, just call off all the raids, if they truly want to discourage players from going outdoors. Stricter measures will leave people with no choice but to stay put at home.

Of course, it’s also the responsibility of all players to just not go out either. Niantic may not be willing to do something too drastic, so players should make the responsible decision themselves.

Despite that, they did introduce some measures for home play.

Niantic just put up a box that gives a hundred PokéBalls for 1 PokéCoin. So if you’ve been low with balls from catching Pokémon with Incense while at home, this is a good way to resupply for now.

That box, as well as the other one that provides 30 Incense, will be in the shop till 30 March (1.00 PM PDT). After that, another box that costs 1 PokéCoin will pop up, so that’s great for everyone playing from home.

Other additions include a tripled bonus for both XP and stardust when catching your first Pokémon for the day, and Gifts inventory being increased from 10 to 20. Players will be able to open up to 30 gifts now, too, instead of 20.

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