PlayStation Will Be Revealing PS5 Games Lineup ‘Soon’… When Is Soon??

Credit: Reddit user u/ruddi2020

As we have seen over the last few months, Sony have been pretty tight lipped about their next-gen console the PlayStation 5. What little information we do know is the logo, what the controller looks like, and it’s surreal capability with Unreal Engine 5 recently. Two things we haven’t seen as yet are; what the console actually looks like and what games to expect for it.

To be fair, even Microsoft hasn’t been as forthcoming with what games will be coming, with only major news being about the this generation’s games being ported and optimised for next-gen.

But now, new information from a recent Sony corporate strategy meeting has shined a light in an otherwise bleak timeline. President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida says that Sony will indeed be showing games on the next-gen console “soon”.

“Games for the PS5 that deliver this new game experience are being made by both first and third-party developers and we plan to introduce a compelling line-up of titles soon,” he said on an interview with VGC.

Okay fine, it’s true, this doesn’t really say much. Of course in reality we will eventually see games coming to the PS5 as the launch approaches. But this could be taken as an affirmation to rumours of a Sony event next month where they could possibly share details about the console, games, and more. For now, we can expect something to go wrong as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, so it’s hard to tell when we’ll be hearing more.

At this point, I’m kind of all battered out trying to root for Sony to tell us something ‘soon’. And everytime, I’m just disappointed. But I’m invested, so let’s wait and see what Sony have planned for next-generation gaming.

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