PlayStation Prematurely Announces Their Free Game For June; What’s Going On?

PlayStation’s free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers has long been a staple for many PS4 gamers. You get some great deals AND free games? What’s not to like?. PlayStation have taken an odd turn and have announced one of the free games for the month, as well as an earlier availability date.

In a tweet, the gaming console company had announced that one of the free games on offer will be Call of Duty: WWII. The game will be available for download starting May 26, which is much earlier than their usual release schedule for the monthly free games.

What could this mean? Why is it so urgent for PlayStation to release June’s free games so early? At the moment, we’re unsure whether there’ll be other games for the month and what they even are. But for now, at least we get a new CoD to play, so that’s nice. The bigger question on why they’re doing it this way still looms.

And if you haven’t downloaded the free games for the month of May, be sure to do so as Cities: Skyline and Farming Simulator 19 will leave the store during the first week of June. Stay tuned for the latest update on all things PlayStation, and we’ll continue to add in the latest information for free games in June when PlayStation releases it.

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